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Coloc_2 dedign notes page on fiji wiki

Daniel White
Hi all,

I moved the disorganised and rambling Coloc_2 design notes doc from google docs to a wiki page, as i think that's more appropriate, so folks and find it and contribute to it easier.

I need to do a bunch of reformatting, but it was already nice to read back through all the old collected thoughts.. some of the contributors are now hard to find, so they are not cc'ed here, but maybe there will be more in future. 

As I try to implement a couple of trivial things, like % coloc by intensity or pixels in a ROI, and no of pixels in the ROI (done already in my branch)
and rationalise the results values output to be the same in each case, GUI, IJ.log and PDF, I will go through and tidy up the docs etc.

I also put a very high level TODO list and DONE list on the page so users can see what got fixed recently and what we are currently thinking about doing.



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