Fiji updated to mpicbg-1.0.1

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Fiji updated to mpicbg-1.0.1

Stephan Saalfeld-2

thanks to your help, I was finally able to update Fiji.  The necessary

are still pending because I managed to screw up the Jenkins-release of
pom-trakem2-1.3.3 which you hopefully will be able to fix easily

I [re-]added a few version-properties such that import of
pom-bigdataviewer and pom-trakem2 in fiji/pom come closer to Curtis'
intention (at least I hope that I got it right this time).  The
individual modules of TrakEM2 and BigDataViewer have not been updated to
use the properties yet, I think this can wait until their respective
next releases.

Jean-Yves, MaMuT now may need an upgrade (the one you tested to work)
because bigdataviewer was upgraded.

Thanks again for your help and I hope that we will be able to fix the
remaining glitches quickly.


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