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[ImgLib2] revised imglib2-ui package

Tobias Pietzsch
Hi all

I just merge the "imglib-ui-revised" branch to master.
This is a basically a rewrite of the imglib2-ui package, incorporating lessons learned from the BigDataViewer (https://github.com/tpietzsch/spimviewer).
imglib2-ui now supports adaptive multi-resolution, multi-threaded rendering which makes everything much much more interactive.
I put a lot of effort in documenting everything. A (slightly simplified) UML class diagram can be found in /ui/doc/

If you used imglib2-ui before, your code should continue working or require only minimal changes. For examples of how to use, have a look at the interactive examples (interactive.MandelbrotRealViewer2DExample etc). They all have been updated to use the new imglib2-ui. If you run into trouble updating your code, please let me know!

More advanced examples using imglib2-ui are BigDataViewer https://github.com/tpietzsch/spimviewer (although there is still too much code duplication thereā€¦) and Stephan Saalfelds imglib2-remote-viewer https://github.com/axtimwalde/imglib2-remote-viewer

best regards,

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