Impending Big Upload, and first Fiji "release candidate"

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Impending Big Upload, and first Fiji "release candidate"

Curtis Rueden
Hi everyone,

There will soon be a Big Upload of many updated ImageJ and Fiji components to the update sites. Before going live, let's test everything for a couple of days.

The first "release candidate" is now available for people to test:

There are still some loose ends to address [1]. Nonetheless, if you could give your favorite plugins a try and report back any new issues you find, it would be much appreciated!


P.S. When the time comes, we will also create a new "Life-Line" version of Fiji from just before the Big Upload.

[1] The bundle is getting close, but still has the following known issues:

1) Four components are still at old SNAPSHOT versions:

- TrakEM2_ 1.0b-SNAPSHOT
- Descriptor_based_registration 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
- SPIM_Registration 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
- blockmatching_ 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT

2) The bundle erroneously downgrades four components:

- AnalyzeSkeleton_ 2.0.0 (downgraded from 2.0.2)
- Auto_Threshold 1.15.1 (downgraded from 1.16-SNAPSHOT)
- IJ_Robot 1.0.1 (downgraded from 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT)
- jzlib 1.0.7 (downgraded from 1.1.2)

Tomorrow, I will fix these known issues, and send out another bundle link when it is ready.

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