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Curtis Rueden
Hi Steffi,

> Something changed, it works now, the new version is there. I guess
> Curtis, you fixed it?

Nope, but I'm glad it is working now!


P.S. All the TrakEM2 components ( still need to be reintegrated into the top-level Fiji repository ( After that, as discussed previously, we can move away from needing to do manual uploads.

On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 8:36 AM, Stephan Preibisch <[hidden email]> wrote:
Something changed, it works now, the new version is there. I guess Curtis, you fixed it? Thanks so much!!!

On Jan 8, 2015, at 12:26 , Stephan Preibisch <[hidden email]> wrote:

Hi Stephan, hi Curtis,

I was playing with Saalfeld’s block matching (Plugins > Feature Extraction > Extract Block Matching Correspondences) which was crashing because it was still compiled for the pre-release imglib2 thus not finding RealPointSampleList (2.0.0-SNAPSHOT version). I noticed that in the 2.0.2 release ( everything was fixed already so I decided to upload it to the Fiji Uploader (sorry, maybe a bad decision … but it seemed so easy to fix). Something went wrong during that upload. The updater said the upload succeeded but after a restart it still showed up as locally modified, the 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT version is still there. Now when I try to upload again this exception is thrown:

java.lang.RuntimeException: db.xml.gz was changed in the meantime (was 20150107160055 but now is 20150108113217)
at net.imagej.updater.FilesUploader.verifyTimestamp(
at net.imagej.updater.FilesUploader$VerifyTimestamp.addItem(
at net.imagej.updater.util.AbstractProgressable.addItem(
at net.imagej.plugins.uploaders.webdav.WebDAVUploader.upload(
at net.imagej.updater.FilesUploader.upload(
at net.imagej.ui.swing.updater.UpdaterFrame.upload(
at net.imagej.ui.swing.updater.UpdaterFrame$5$

I am really sorry for that, maybe simply my internet connection dropped during the upload?

Thanks for any help!


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