Read a single plane from a multi-dimensional image

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Read a single plane from a multi-dimensional image

Mongis Cyril
Dear all,
I would like to read a single plane from a multi-plane image (without loading the whole image into memory, and using SCIFIO or BioFormat) and convert it into a Dataset object. The ImgOpener seems to allow to read the whole image but not just a single plane. How can I do this ? Is there a service that already does it ?
I could send you the code I made but I don't think it would be on any help. I want to use the method dataset.setPlane(int,planarAccess) but I don't know how to get a planarAccess object from the SCIFIO reader.
reader.openPlane(...) doesn't seems to return anything helpful/compatible. I'm completly lost T-T



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